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About Karma Foundation

Karma Foundation is founded by visionaries who felt the need to build a free of cost medical facility for the stray animals where the best, most advanced, ethical and highly skilled medical care is readily available.

We, at Karma Foundation truly believe that animals are the real victims on earth. They didn’t declare war, they don’t have weapons and they don’t want to destroy humans or impose their religion. Their only “crime” is that they exist. Keeping the ever rising cases of accidents, cruelty, starvation, illnesses and so on, we have built an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operation Theatre (OT) & Out Patient Department (IPD) for such animals who suffer each day on the streets of the city.

Our current set-up in Pune City is our pilot model. We plan to expand our horizon by working on building a larger unit for farm animals, a sanctuary for the old and discarded and a shelter home for the ones who cannot survive on the streets of the city.

What We Do


Animal Rescue

There are so many animals day in & day out that are subjected to cruelty, road rage and medical concerns. Karma Foundation works towards helping such animals either on site or by admitting them into our facility.

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Animal Birth Control (ABC)

Karma foundation truly believes that the best way to reduce animal – human conflict & animal – animal conflict is birth control. We conduct ABC surgeries twice a week at our facility & keep the animal for Post Operative care until they are fit to be release back where they were picked up from.

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Animal Adoption

Our team of Adoption volunteers work day in & day out finding good homes for the stray & abandoned animals. Every adoption happens after a strict screening & house visit by our approved volunteers.

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