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Terms and conditions

1. Surgery & ARV vaccination is sponsored by canine control & care (CCC), Post operative care is chargeable @ Rs. 1200/- for Male & Rs. 2000/- for Female.

2. Check-in and Check-out timings need to be followed strictly (11.00 am - 1.00 pm and 4.00 to 6.00 pm).

3. No visitors allowed at the centre to visit their animal.

4. No pictures of the stitches will be sent for cross examination with other vets outside.

5. Ear notching is compulsory for any animal admitted with us- a private vet can be referred to you by us if you prefer a surgery without a ear notch.

6. NO BODY is ALLOWED to enter the centre without prior permission.

7. NO BODY is ALLOWED to come for check-in or check-out of the animal during surgeries.

8. 24 hours prior notice will be given for the release of the animal.

9. Animals have to be picked up on the date given by the centre to avoid paying extra charges.

10. Adoption will not be accepted as a reason to release the animal before recovery.

11. Once the animal is admitted, the final decision of going ahead with the surgery or not lies in the hand of the operating surgeon. Due to some reason if your animal’s surgery is cancelled, you have to pick up your animal within 24 hours once notified to avoid the risk of infection.

12. If the animal is under treatment for any health issues, kindly provide the prescribed medicines, prescription, and any other material needed to us. The remaining will be returned back to you upon release.

13. Kindly mention if animal was sedated when caught for surgery, before admission.Kindly mention temperament of the animal during admission as it makes it easier for us to understand how to handle the animal keeping in mind his/her comfort.

14. Please cancel your appointment if you are not getting the animal, if there is a no show you will be black listed by the system.